Keely of Hart Cove

Meet Keely. She's not witch or a demon. Seriously. She's pretty sure about that.

The magic boots are just a family heirloom. They don't do much anyway. And that thing about turning into a cat is hardly more than a parlor trick--not like she sold her soul for it. It's just a thing she does.

A liar and thief? Okay, that's a fair cop, but a girl left alone in the world does what it takes to survive.

Besides, she's good at it and it's like a public service. She tries to only take things from people who already have too much and to pass on what she can't use to people who seem to need it before it can start weighing her down.

Never underestimate what I'm crazy enough to do. --Keely

Appears In

Conspiracy of One

Lethal Red Riding Hood